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I created this site to share my experience as a teacher at the end of the world, as well as some hobbies (especially computing).

A lot about the countries where I lived (R.D. Congo, Louisiana, Vietnam) but also about countries I visited (Laos, Cambodia...)

Some of my passions, especially computing ; teaching docs and links...

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The new and updated pages are not mentioned here anymore (they are in the French version) but most pages are translated in English and kept as much as possible up to date.

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A picture :


Little visit to my favorite Space Shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center

If you'd like to see the photo gallery of this fabulous trip, it's right here

(September 2011)

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This "News and infos" page is not updated anymore in the English version since I had little feedback from English-speaking visitors.

However most pages are translated in English and kept up to date, with news once or twice a month.

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